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what is cleanroom

Cleanroom Standards

Introduction to National and International Standards

History of the cleanroom

History and evolution of cleanroom

Cleaning of a cleanroom

Cleaning of a cleanroom, cleaning equipment of a cleanroom, cleaning instructions of a cleanroom

Cleanroom quality

Cleanroom garments, anti-static garments, anti-static cleanroom garments

Cleanroom testing and validation

Test and validation of cleanroom, Validation of cleanroom

Cleanroom Filtration

Applications of Cleanrooms in Pharmaceutical, Medical Equipment, Electronics, Automotive, and Other Industries

Cleanroom design

Quality assurance of design, quality assurance of installation, quality assurance of operation and performance

Air Handling Units and Cleanroom Equipment

Cleanroom Air Handling Units, Air Showers, Afterboxes, and Cleanroom Equipment

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Cleanroom standards | Cleanroom classification

Cleanroom standards | Cleanroom classification

Products that are sensitive to contamination must be manufactured in a way that meets exacting standards of efficacy and quality. All quality aspects are considered in relation to the risks of the route of administration: injectable, oral, and so on; and the way they are produced: disinfected, terminally sterilized, or under less controlled conditions. In

Cleanroom Quality Documentation

Cleanroom Quality Documentation

The documentation for cleanroom qualification includes the following five items, which we will fully review in this article from the Akyas cleanroom website: Design Qualification (DQ) Installation Qualification (IQ) Operation Qualification (OQ) Performance Qualification (PQ) Cleanroom Qualification Overview In the context of cleanroom qualification, the following ISO 14644 standards

Applications of cleanrooms in different industries

Applications of cleanrooms in different industries

A cleanroom is a controlled environment used for the production of sensitive products and components. In a cleanroom, suspended particles and contaminants are minimized to prevent the degradation of product quality and components. Cleanrooms are used in a variety of industries, including: Pharmaceutical Industry Cleanrooms in the pharmaceutical industry

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